About Julie Simone and JulieSimone.net

Here are some reasons to join!

Unknown to most, I got turned onto the Fetish Kink and BDSM lifestyles by accident back when I was a glamour model - and once I discovered it, I was hooked - there was no going back. I find myself fascinated by the myriad men that come to me, on their knees, with worship and adoration in their eyes. What more could a Woman want? I've starred in hundreds of full length fetish films and naturally, thousands upon thousands of Female Domination clips. Depending on when you are reading this, I may have hundreds or thousands of clips here at any one time. I rotate them around a lot so people always have a lot to look through. I am no flash in the pan FEMDOM - I am in the AVN Hall Of Fame (how many Femdoms do you suppose are in that?) and I am world famous for My personal sessions. I am available for phone and video chats as well.


In 2013 and 2014 I received Lifetime Achievement Awards in this accomplished field and these awards helped Me to re-focus what I wanted to do - which is personally dominate men - and some women! If you know of Me already or have taken a look around the site, you will know I love latex, rubber and the more visually stimulating aspects of BDSM play. Costumes are fun and help Me and My submissives get into their roles. The key in all of My clips is a sensuality I feel can be missing from some Female Domination videos. Of course, I am going to have My way and many times it will leave you crying, whimpering and begging Me to stop - or continue - but I will always be doing it with a love for our time together. I am not a man-hater - I just love to Dominate them and bend them to My will. You'll see...

JulieSimone.net is unlike any member area you have seen before so I'm happy to explain it to you. Here's the way it works - This is a hybrid style site for clip buyers that want them at a lower price but are willing to commit to a monthly membership in order to get these low, low prices compared to buying each clip individually. Also, you will notice on the network tab that you can always use any credit you have with me on any site I am associated with - and there are a LOT. What this means is, you will always have new, fresh, exclusive videos to download. This is the best deal every for people that buy exclusive clips like mine.

Stop for a minute and consider the value on offer here: 1.) Clips at lower than normal prices, 2.) The ability to download clips from other sites besides mine, 3.) Constant updates from all affiliated fetish clip providers, 4.) The award winning best service in adult site processing, and... 5.) MY CLIPS! They are extraordinary and will definitely keep you coming back for more. I don't say this lightly...in fact, I hate to brag, but I want you to see them - they really are THAT good. I'm here for your suggestions, too! Fire them off to me and I bet I can get them done!